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a) informing the general public in countries where the association operates on hearing loss and the possibility of rehabilitation and treatment of hearing deficiencies;

b) promoting and encouraging therapeutic measures, counseling and expert advice for children and teenagers with hearing disabilities in order to facilitate their educational, social and professional integration;

c)providing financial and technical support specialist is required in any case, hearing impaired children and adolescents;

d) organize information sessions, advice and training for parents / guardians on their approach to deaf children in order to provide a proper education;

e) organizing training sessions as well as seminars for specialists in the field;

f) training and support therapists as trainers;

g) participation and active integration of deaf children in society;

h) support for therapists seeking the opportunity to attend and specialized training or in the field;

i) creation, publication and distribution of brochures, posters and other informational materials on the deafness;

j) charitable activities.