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The rights of children with special needs enrolled in mainstream schools.
Romanian Government through Resolution no. 423 / 16.06.2016 published in the Official Gazette no. 0465 / 22.06.2016 approved the distribution of the amounts required counties platiii rights of children with SEN in mainstream schools enrolled and methodology for granting such rights.
ATTENTION: Within 10 days of the entry into force of the Government Decision, parents or legally must submit a written request asking the granting of these rights.
Download this application model: 2016-2017 school allowance form
The application is submitted to the head of school where the child is registered with CES, along with the following documents:
birth certificate of the beneficiary;
ID of parent or, where applicable, the legal representative;
Educational and vocational guidance certificate.
According to the Government, will be granted rights for the period January to December 2016, so not ptr September to December 2015.
Rights of clothing, footwear, school supplies are paid by the end of the calendar year.
For food allowance payment is made until the 5th of the following month, but for the period January-June 2016 will probably take some time to implement the provisions HGvezi art. 2 of Schedule 2, although still set some deadlines are strict enough.
Below you will find both the procedure for granting rights and the text of the decision by the government and its annexes.
Art. 2 of the methodology
(1) The parent or, where applicable, the legal representative of the beneficiary as defined in accordance with Art. 1 letter a) within 10 days from the date of entry into force of this judgment calls based on written request, to grant those rights.
(2) A written request is submitted to the school pre table with legal personality, as defined in accordance with Art. 1 letter c) where the child is enrolled / student / youth with special educational needs, and is accompanied by the following documents in copy:
a) birth certificate of the beneficiary;
b) the identity of parents or, where applicable, the legal representative;
c) certificate of counseling and guidance.