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Do you want to help?

You can do it by filling out the 230 form!
By submitting the form 230 you can direct to us 2% of the income tax that has already been paid by you to the state.
All you have to do is to download the form using the link below, fill out section I (taxpayer's identification data) and to sign it.
If you can not submit the form yourself, please send it to us and we can apply it for you.

Form / statement 230 is completed by people who have income from wages recorded in the previous year (2016).
Form / statement 200 is completed by people who have income from other sources (liberal professions, self-employment, rentals, etc.)

Conturile asociației Perspective:

RO97RZBR0000060018584623 - for LEI payments

RO75RZBR0000060018584631 - for EURO payments